Hopscotch: a social gathering of peat and mead

Saturday was the start of a new week for me, but the chronology of that week was full-on confusing.

Things kicked off with an amazing road trip with daughter, Leslie, to the west coast enclave of Tofino, BC where we rediscovered the joy of a rainforest walkabout and how a hearty mess of fresh fish and chips pushes the cold out of your bones.  That set the tone with a total rewiring of my call to get back to the sea, but I digress. On my way back from the Island, Jon the Film Commissioner called to hook me up with a couple of days scouting for MindsEye’s next blockbuster film production.

But the week was still young, and I had days left to kill before I needed to start scouting.  So here’s the real story:

On Saturday, I attended Kelowna’s annual Hopscotch Festival, being held at the city curling rink one block from my office.

The festival, it turns out, is a taste testing ground for 1000 lucky souls to get the better of 200 products from local and international brewers and distilleries, courtesy of the Parade Agency out of Vancouver. Dax, one of Parade’s principals is a great guy, generous to a fault and a real quick thinker; but then to run an event with this many moving parts, he needs to be.

I gotta admit that Parade put on quite a gig with imported beats hand-spun by Brandon Bauman from LA. As an IP specialist, Brandon is a man with a great flair for both the legal and music industries. Brandon, and his cousin Nicki up from Surrey, did their best to get things raving at the curling club – and would have, except for this big guy in a grey t-shirt with an antler’d bear logo who kept who kept changing up the beat with his own version of a belly dance.

Disruptive, yes; but quite hilarious at the same time. At first glance, I assumed he was from Halifax, but I was wrong.

The real battle, however, was not on the dance floor. It was on the tradeshow level where East met West in an interesting battle and blend of liquored showmanship. My camera #FujiXT2 was doing it’s very best at 12.8K ISO, but we still managed to squeeze off a few pix to capture views of Two Brewers, our rugged Yukon blend against the more manicured asian representatives of TS Global’s brand from Japan – whose name I lack the keyboard characters to spell properly.



As to what other things my lens witnessed at this fashion saloon, we fall now into the subjective.

Full disclosure, I did have a dram of the barley for artistic reasons, and by that I do mean a few, and in fact, by a few I mean only two because #2 and 3 were but as one, the cheap buggers.

As the night wore on and things started to heat up, I chose the path less followed and went outside to cool down.  Turns out, folks were getting quite rowdy at the exits for reasons that were not disconnected from an ample selection of taste-tests on their part.

To my credit, I decided to grab water on the way out and walk over to the Film Factory where I’d parked the car and rescue our dog, Duchess, who had been left in the back of the car.  Yeah, I know – poor dog – but she did have ample food and water; and while I suspect that to animal activists and window-breakers, that must sound rough for a dog… but it’s not.

The next day Duchess and I were off scouting for the Film Commission at Skaha Bluffs in Penticton.  But that is another story.

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