Takin’ it to the streets (AWANA)

The PBJ ministry (Philippine Basketball for Jesus) children’s AWANA-style program:

One dozen volunteers, 70 street kids and 2 glorious hours of Christ-centered fun and games: a bright window through the grey backdrop of metro-Manila’s urban poor…


Enough talk… sign up HERE and come see for yourself!


  • CP says:

    james: PBJ’s ‘link’ to AWANA is a loose one in that PBJ is primarily focused on reaching street-kids through interactive events – starting with PI’s national obsession: the game of basketball. One of the additional events includes a weekly AWANA-styled event that serves the adjacent squatter community by giving kids there a healthy diversion of great fun, teaching and leadership development while demonstrating God’s love for kids. Bottomline: it’s bearing fruit! PTL

  • james says:

    I’d be interested in knowing more about OMF’s PBJ ministry and the link to Awana. I work at Awana HQ in Chicago and would like to share this story with our staff.

  • daron says:

    Thinking of you all and praying for your trip home.

  • brett says:

    Great to see your work Craig! I was given your contact info by Charlie Doucett in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As it turns out I’m with Mennonite Brethren fellowship called The Agora. I’ve recently started a video editing company called “fresh_think_films”. Quite eager to be “mobilizing people through good news”.

    I actually know some people who have worked with O in Manila at one point.

    Bless you man! Keep honoring Jesus as you actually care for people…

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