Bahala na

Bahala na gang memberIn Tagalog, the primary language of the Philippines, there is a phrase that is thought to capture the easy going way of life among Filipinos here… bahala na. Loosely translated, it means “Let it go”.
Yet, it is also the name of a gang of hardcore street kids with a “Lord of the Flies” fraternity.

Risking the unknowns of life on the street over the known dangers of staying at home, kids of the urban poor, aged 9-19, live in packs run by a well established pecking order. Left to fend for themselves, these gangs spend their waking hours scrounging for food and kicks, the latter coming from a cheap high experienced by sniffing an adhesive solvent called Rugby.

ACTION International Ministries are reaching out to these kids with help from various church groups, Department of Social Welfare, police and mobile health teams to restore spiritual purpose and physical wellbeing to any who show both the need and willingness to change their lives for the better.


  • CP says:

    My bro-in-law clarifies: “Bahala na” is shortened from “Bathala na…” which would literally translate to “God willing..” or “it’s up to God.” Thanks, Diego.

  • Richard W says:

    It’s frightfully easy to gloss over the faces you have given us and see nothing but desperation and wasted lives. I had to stop and pick one, just one, of those faces and ask “What if you were my son?” That is when I began praying instead of staring. Thanks Craig. May God’s heart inspire and break you daily. Our prayers are with you.

  • Marilyn says:

    Praying for you guys as you minister to these kids through practical and loving ways. Praying for your health too!

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