True Love and the Princess Bride

Vancouver, British Columbia – Chris & Tiffany engagement session in Granville Street Market.

I did promise not to take another wedding gig.  Then Chris proposed and Tiff said yes.  That changed everything.

When your future daughter-in-law is a bona fide art director and she asks you if you’ll shoot her engagement session, how does any father/photographer worth their salt say no?

Besides, shooting under Granville Street Bridge is like fish in a barrel. It’s location, location, location… the place is just loaded with visual goodness.

So, yeah, if you’re here looking for the latest update on our exploits with YWAM Ships (which is what this blog is mostly about), feel free to click ahead because this post is dedicated to the future of our #1 son and the girl of his dreams.  We love you guys!



One of the family’s favourite movies is Rob Reimer’s Princess Bride.  Remember that scene when Wesley (the Dread Pirate Roberts) @caryelwes is “not quite dead” on the table of Miracle Max (Billy Crystal)?

Max asks what is worth living for and Wesley says, with a little CPR from Fezzik (aka Andre the Giant), “True love…”.

Welp, that’s pretty much what we’re celebrating here.

After a much-anticipated proposal, our two love birds have finally nested and the family couldn’t be happier to welcome the newest Pulsifer into the tribe.

Here’s to years of fun ahead!

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